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Nov 26, 2012 2:30am PST
work with the residents, the neighbors. we went to work with our supervisor and i know ms. cohen is out of breath and knows how important this is for her constituents and this district, but most importantly we knew if we didn't just talk the talk, that if we actually took the residents with us, and took all of the talent that we had in the city from the housing authority to our mayor's office of housing, to the redevelopment people, to the private developers, to the staff that has been so diligent, to the private nonprofit sector. the in incredible community based organizations and the bay view y and all these wonderful people that have been struggling for years saying "can we get some help? can we get some love in the town? can we do something that will get us all together? and we can all these nonprofits and bridge and mercy and coming together saying we can all do it and we team up with hope sf and the partners they created in saying it's not just brick and mortar that we're doing here. it's people first. the first thing that we have to do is bring hope to the people living there
Nov 11, 2012 12:00pm PST
commissioner mark farrell and ms. cohen. we have sfgtv staff helping today. thank you for your work. madam clerk can you call our first item. >> item two approve the minutes. this is an action item. >> okay. we can go on to public comment. and seeing none we will close public comment. colleague do we have a motion to approve the minutes from last meet something okay. we will take that without objection. thank you very much. next item please. >> item three is the advisory commission report. >> good morning chair, commissioners. i am glen davis -- >> would you pull the mic up. >> i am the chair of the advisory committee and here to give the report of october 24. we had one action item that is on the agenda this morning and action item six which is about allocating money to c box and those projects. that item was passed unanimously without much discussion but they ask that the staff bring it back periodically so we can follow the funding. with that i can take questions. that concludes the report. it's pretty short. >> just a question about the commitment made for future years for prop k fund.
Nov 9, 2012 7:30pm PST
not entirely gliewton free but we have a glutton free menu. >> thank you supervisor cohen. i want to see if ms. mendoza from the mayor's office -- oh i didn't see you. well thank you for being here on behalf of the mayor and i appreciate the giant's paraphernalia. >> thank you. my hat is still wet from last night. an amazing victory. [applause] >> i am thrilled to be here this afternoon to represent the mayor to honor our restaurant, and with all due respect strfer mar the best was saved for last. [applause] >> i want to tell you a little bit about old school cafe and i know supervisor cohen is very proud of this establishment as well, so old school cafe is a faith base violence prevention program providing jobs and training to youth with emphasis on at risk youth age 16 to 22 in a 1940 style supper club. they confront the epidemic of violence and providing at risk youth who were incarcerated or part of the foster youth program with a variety of opportunities not normally afforded to them. i wanted to share an exert from a recent article about old school because the person that start
Nov 1, 2012 6:30pm PDT
three items on the agenda today, but let me first say that our clerk is ms. andrea ausbery. i'm the chair of the committee, eric mar. to my right is vice-chair supervisor malia cohen. we're expecting supervisor scott wiener any moment. could you please give us our announcements? >> yes. please make sure the sounds on all cell phones, electronic devices, speaker cards and comies of documents are included as part of the file to submit to the clerk. items on the november 6 board agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you. i'd like to also thank sfgtv for televising us today, especially our staff greg burk and john ross. we have three items on the agenda today. ms. ausbery please call item number 1. >> item number 1, administrative code - port prepayment of jobs-housing linkage program obligations, ordinance amending the san francisco administrative code, by adding section 61.12, to authorize pre-payment of jobs-housing linkage program obligations for developments on certain port lands; and adopting environmental findings. >> and from supervisor jane kim's office it is giants colors a
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)